Friday 29 August 2008

I'm so tired - I think I need a holiday.

The problem is, it is going on holiday that has made me so tired. We have spent the day getting ready for our big South American Odyssey. Our bags are finally packed, although this took far longer than it should have done, since no matter what we did, we always ended up with one bag that weighed more than 50lbs. Odd really, we would take 5 lbs out of one bag and put it into another and the first bag would then lose 3lbs and the other bag gain 6lbs? Excuse my language, but WTF? In the end, we just went and found bigger bags and that seemed to solve our mass inconsistencies. Mr. DBM has shaved his head, ears and nose, I haven't shaved anything, because I couldn't be bothered. The house is stocked up with cat food, cat treats, tuna and catnip and the house sitter has read and been tested on the DBM household operation manual - put together by Mr. DBM. The cats have been defleaed and recollared, the plants watered and the toilets cleaned. Is there anything we have forgotten?

We leave for the airport in two hours. We fly from here to Toronto, which is obviously in the wrong direction for South America, but hell, we are talking Air Canada here. At least they are still flying, unlike Zoom. From Toronto, we head to Bogota in Columbia, pick up a few drug dealers, and then head for Quito, Ecuador, before finally making it to Cuzco in Peru. First activity - Spanish School. This will not be good - I suck at languages. But, it is probably not a bad idea to learn something other than "no hablo Espagnol" and "no entiendo" - who knows how long it will be before Mr. DBM gets sick of the sight of me, llamas or natives in silly wool hats and leaves me to fend for myself. After Spanish School, we are going to attempt the Inca Trail. Really looking forward to the altitude sickness.

I shall try to keep you up-to-date with our travels, but no guarantees. Hope you don't miss my witty posts and comments too much, and we will be back at Christmas. Now, do we have our tickets? Our passports? Other Important Pieces of Paper - Mr. DBM has lots of those.....

So, this is it - Au revoir, no......Auf Wiedersehen, no, that's not right either........Sayonara????.........oh crap, I am in big trouble aren't I?

Here we go - AdiĆ³s, amigos!

P.S. Does anyone know what crap is in Spanish?


Anonymous said...

Enjoy, be safe, keep in touch, love you loads x

English Mum said...

Isn't it 'merde'? Oh no, that's French. Hang on... 'mierda'. Sure, isn't Google handy.

Have a lovely trip. Don't mix with the drug dealers, don't drink the water, change your underwear, keep your 'and on yer 'apenny and get back safe.

Oh, and you made me snort my tea through my nose twice today which is very impressive: one for 'I haven't shaved anything' and once for 'pick up a few drug dealers'.

Have fun. I'm very jealous stuck here in boring old Cavan.

*Le sigh*

Mwah xxxx

Anonymous said...

Shall miss you both.

Take it easy at altitude, and play safe at depth (watch out for the sharks!). Take lots of those special photos, and if you have time, share some of them with all of us over the next four months.


Don't Bug Me! said...

Moon: Don´t worry, I will take lots of lovely photos for the lovely M to look at. Love you too!

EM: Thanks for crap in Spanish - it has come in very handy today. It was one of only a handful of words that I gleaned while watching Spanish TV and I needed it while trying to post todays post.
Two snorts in one post - excellent!

Cortes: Don´t worry - we have decided against any kind of sight seeing unless it can be done over the TV. Anything else is just too tiring. I wonder if I can hire a porter to carry me to Macchu Pichu?