Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Macro Mystery #6 - Can You See What It Is Yet?

The challenge has been made, the gloves are off and the macro lenses are on.

OK, OK, so I admit it, I can be just a little bit competitive, so when I got the email from that shining star of wonderful gorgeousness that is English Mum informing me of a little bit of Macro Madness emanating from Tara, over at Sticky Fingers, how could I possibly resist!?!

So, off I go, camera in hand, hunting high and low for a good subject. Now, I am not usually short of an idea or two for my normal Macro Monday shot, as hosted by Lisa, over at Lisa's Chaos. There are always beautiful blooms in the garden or creepy crawlies beckoning me with their waving antennae. Something cute, something furry or perhaps a fine feathered friend. Flora and fauna are my usual suspects. But this challenge requires a photo of some everyday object - not my normal photographic stomping grounds. And I found it surprisingly difficult to find something to photograph that was not too big or too small, something that you could get a good macro shot of but still have enough detail to give people a good chance of guessing what it is.

So here it is, the fruits of my labour:

What, you haven't got a clue? Well, if no one gets it soon, I will come back and give you one.

Just in case the first photo is too easy, what about this one?

I could go on.............

OK, so here is the first photo, the one that nearly everyone guessed correctly as a toothbrush.

And here are a few photos of the second from further back - well done to Cortes and OwainDodo for their excellent guesses.

Since I seem to have a spare $20, I am off for an iced caramel macchiato - cheerio!


OwainDodo said...


If so... that's PROPER macro, that (as we say in the North-East). Brilliant.

Suldog said...

Somebody beat me to it. I also say toothbrush.

Anonymous said...

First is a toothbrush

Second has me stumped at moment - it looks like the twinnings tea adverts where they make pictures with the tealeaves

jabblog said...

I agree - a partially immersed toothbrush. No idea about the second though it looks vaguely familiar. Stylised waves from a painting or an advertisement for hair colourant!

Cortes said...

First thing I thought of was a toothbrush as well. Second one seems to be some type of drawing or artwork, possibly a woman's hair? Tough to tell.

Mrs Darling said...

toothbrush, maybe toothpaste for the second?!

Carolina said...

Mummy V had the same ideas as I did. Or do. Otherwise, haven't a clue.

sister3 said...

ok, you are from now on my photograph master
what a eautiful blog
all your pictures are brilliant !
I don't even want to try to guess, I just want to take the time to appriciate each of them
thank you for sharing with us

Don't Bug Me! said...

Hi All: So, the toothbrush was not so difficult. I knew I should have given you the even closer shot that I had. As for the second image, well, Cortes, you are on the right think where you might see that image. If no one gets it by tomorrow, i will give you a second shot showing a little more detail.

OwainDodo: Yes, definitely proper macro - I have a 105mm macro lens and I have a lens that I can add on to get even closer.

Suldog: You clever old dog, you.

Dawnie: Have another guess, given the clue that I have given above.

jabblog: Stylised waves of someone's hair ....... go on, guess again.

Cortes: Who knew you were so smart? Now all you have to do is tell me where you would see that hair.

Mummy V: Yes and no - the two images are not related.

Carolina: Well, you got one right then - that's pretty good, isn't it!?!

Sister3: And from now on, you are my new favourite commenter!

MYM said...

a toothbrush? not sure about the 2nd. Damn this is bringing out the competitor in you - LOL!

MYM said...

oh - you posted the answer, lol...didn't see that.

Carolina said...

I'm so proud!

Cortes said...

The stylized hair is definitely familiar. On a stamp? No, possibly on a note of legal tender? I fear I am not recalling correctly on this.

OwainDodo said...

The Queen's hair from a fiver... or maybe a tenner?

Don't Bug Me! said...

DM: I know, I just can't help myself.

Cortes and OwainDodo: If you two get together, you will get the right answer.

Cortes said...

I know! I know! The Queen's hair on a Canadian $20 bill! Lovely lunch, by the way.

Don't Bug Me! said...

Yep, Cortes is right! OwainDodo, I am sure you would have got it too, if you were Canadian! Still, Cortes only got it once he got a look at the notes in my wallet.

laughingwolf said...

easy for nudder one canuck!

got both before your 'explanation', toothbrush, np; color of the filthy lucre did it

English Mum said...

Doh - never got the banknote. Very clever x