Wednesday 9 June 2010

The Waved Albatross

Well, it was not a stunning performance by anyone with this week's Macro Mystery. One of you got it right, but that was only by cheating, while a few of you were getting quite close towards the end. Well done to those of you who guessed a baby bird. In this case the baby bird is a waved albatross, aka the Galapagos albatross (Phoebastria irrorata).

When I first saw this rather furry looking creature, I was instantly struck by the thought "Well, there is a face only a mother could love!" But then I looked again, and I started humming the tune to "There once was an ugly duckling, with feathers all stubby and brown......." I knew that there was a gorgeous bird in there, just waiting to emerge - if you look closely, you can even see the prisitine white feathers of the impending adult starting to poke their way through the brown. And then I looked again, and I started to see the beauty that was already there. OK, so he is a little scruffy looking and, OK, so he does appear to have a few bare patches here and there. But just look at his eyes. Look at those deep, dark, liquid eyes and see the beauty within this "ugly duckling". And the beauty of those eyes is just as evident in the adults.

I just love these birds. Ungainly, clumsy, even a little comical on land, always looking just a little bit worried, but the most elegant bird when in the air riding the ocean winds with effortless grace.

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jabblog said...

(I thought at first that your macro was of a doll's head or a bad wig.)
Such beautiful birds - I wonder how they ever acquired the reputation of bringing bad luck and often their own demise to sailors. I think the sailors thought they were the spirits of drowned shipmates - something like that!
Those eyes are wonderful - deep, intelligent.

Sistertex said...

;)...well I could tell it was the side of something's head. Figured it was some sort of bird...bout as close as I got. Great 'Faces' on all of these beautiful creatures. So well photographed, you never disappoint! Hope you will share them on 'Face of the Week' this week!

How's the new home going? Hope things are falling into place nicely for you!

Baino said...

Ah one of the benefits of coming late everyone else has gone through the clues. They are magnificent aren't they? I remember being on a whaling cruise once and a couple were following the boat they were huge!

Carolina said...

Are you sure it wasn't a pinguin? It's just that I'm so disappointed that I haven't won the prize. I was so sure. ;-)

But I'm not disappointed it's an Albatros. I love Albatrosses. Have never seen one live. Only in the David Attenborough and Disney version. Luvly. Thanks for brightening my day with these gorgeous photos.

Don't Bug Me! said...

Jabblog: Actually, you are right, it really does look like a doll's head, doesn't it? An albatross is much, much nicer though.

Sistertex: Thanks for reminding me - I have just added it to Faces of the Week.
Things are falling, but not into place - yesterday a large beam that was supposed to be going up ended up falling down, taking out one worker and a water pipe. Water everywhere, which set off the house alarm, couldn't find the shut off valves, didn't know the code for the alarm. Things are definitely not going smoothly. Still, the beam is now up, the water is gone, the alarm is off and the worker is OK, just a couple of stiches and a day off.

Baino: So huge, they need a cliff to take off. We watched one as it waddled its way to the edge of the cliff and then threw itself off. All rather worrying, until it stretched out its wings and glided smoothly and gracefully away.

Carolina: Take heart in the fact that you were closer than anyone else. If there was a prize, you would have won it.

Cortes said...

So, you're saying cheating doesn't count?

Don't Bug Me! said...

Cortes: It only counts if you are not caught.

Cortes said...

Well, that's the last time I fess up!

Sistertex said...

Hi there!
Thanks so much for sharing your photos on 'Face of the Week' I think they are wonderful and really appreciate it! I know others will enjoy it too.

English Mum said...

I think they're beautiful! It's been Springwatch on the telly over here - scenes of fledging swallows and baby swans riding on their Mums' backs...I love it all. xx

jay said...

Ah, there he is! Not a toilet brush after all, then! LOL!

Albatrosses are quite startlingly beautiful while being ungainly, aren't they? A perfect example of being perfectly adapted to what they do. Like bats, I guess!