Monday, 21 February 2011

A Log at Sunset

I have lots of photos.....I know, we all do. I was thinking of starting up a separate photography blog, but hell, I can't even keep up with this one, so I thought that I would just start posting a few photos here from time to time - just as I did last week with The Ghost Ship.

So, for no other reason than I like it - A Log, at Sunset.


Cortes said...

I understand why, I like it too. This type of shot is my favorite. Striking.

Johnny Nutcase said...

hot diggity, this one's NICE! So dramatic. I love it. Beautiful shot.

Carolina said...

Mwah, don't really like it.

(Of course I do, it's a gorgeous shot, lovely colours and framing and all that, but I thought I'd leave a different comment for once ;-))