Tuesday 6 March 2012

Bird in a Box

So, more photos.......

How about this one? I call it "Bird in a Box 1".

It is an dark-eyed junco (Junco hyemalis), subspecies Oregon junco. Very plentiful around here in the winter and very obvious as they fly way, flashing their outer white tail feathers.

For those of you wanting details about how the photo was taken, well, here you go:

1. Catch the bird - I never said that this would be easy! Luckily, I have enough nery birdy friends that I have ready access to mist nets and captured birds.

2. Put bird into box - one something like this, although I do recommend removing the cat first. I also added a black drop cloth to the back, hence the black background.

3. Add front cover and insert camera lens through slit. I used a wide angle lens (12-24mm) with my Nikon D80, with a macro ring flash attached.

4. Ensure bird does not escape while trying to get camera set up in the right position.

5. Swear a little (or a lot, if the bird does keep escaping) and keep muttering under your breath about how much you "love" photography.

5. Take photo - f9, 1/80, ISO 400, camera on a tripod, with flash - keeping fingers firmly crossed.

6. Release rather annoyed bird.

7. Fix all the problems with Photoshop.

8. Revel in the glory of your new status of photography god!


Anonymous said...

God-ESS, not God (which will likely get me in trouble). And, has this "bird in a box" thing been vetted by the SPCA? Or are you just winging it?

Love the photo though!

Cortes said...

I am NOT anonymous, I am Cortes!

Kate said...

Love the captive cat!
The nerdy birdey friends are very useful! I have lots too. They help me with my birdey art :-)

Don't Bug Me! said...

Anonymous - don't worry, I knew it was you! The SPCA were not happy about the cat, but once she was removed everything was ducky.

Katherine: They do have their uses, don't they!

Carolina said...

Love your photography tips. Especially the cat removal part. That could be a useful one for people who want to follow in your photography footsteps :-)

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Ahahahah! 'Remove the cat first'! LOL!

Great idea, but I fear our own RSPCA would NOT approve. Spoilsports.