Wednesday 14 March 2012

A Sigh of Contentment

There are certain things in life, little things, that make us happy. Small things that seem to be disproportionate in their simplicity and the amount of happiness that they bring us. You will be able to recognise such a thing since it will result in a little sigh of contentment. Here are a few of my little contentment moments:

  • Warm sun on your face after a long, cold winter.
  • The first sip of ice cold diet coke on a hot summer's day.
  • Slipping in between cool, clean sheets and snuggling down into a beautifully made bed.
  • The first burst of hot water showering over your head and shoulders after a week of cold, damp camping and not changing your clothes for a week.
  • Letting the floodgates open after really, really, REALLY needing to pee for a long time.
I guess you could start all of these things with "Happiness is......" So, here is my last one, the one that seems to bring me the most contentment, the one that I turn to when I am feeling a little bit down, a little bit sad, a little bit cranky.......

"Happiness is.......... to hug a warm, soft, furry-purry kitty cat"

Willow is very good for this, since she seems to automatically start purring whenever you pick her up. Still, you must not let that lull you into a false sense of security - she is still all claws and teeth, so one does have to be on one's guard. But even so, she is so warm and soft and when she purrs, all is right with the world.


Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Oh, yes ... I am with you on most of those, except that I seldom go camping anyway and it's usually a greyhound I hug!

I've always said that to be happy, all you need to do is to take notice of, and pleasure in, the little things in life. A ladybird, a butterfly, a square of good chocolate, warm fur .. everyone has a list of their own, but some things are universal. :)

Cortes said...

I have to admit that I have not thought about this before, but now that I am, I think these are my sources of contentment (or relief?):

A golf shot that goes where I want it to. Or a pee that goes where it is aimed. A cold beer in the backyard on a hot summers day. Waking up in the morning and finding that I have not drooled on my pillow! Getting through a day without calling a client a "stupid cow".

And on those days when I get a bit down, a bit angry or a bit agitated? Time spent with a good friend that can make me laugh and forget my worries.

Carolina said...

Oh Jay always knows how to say the right things so beautifully. And I think anyone in Cortes' surroundings will be happy that his pee ends up in the place he (I suppose he's a he) aimed for. Unless he aims for weird places of course.

Anyway... our cats immediately start drooling when we pick them up. Do you think we squeeze them too hard? Or is it pure enjoyment? And they do purr too. Somehow the resonance of their purring does wonders for the relaxation of your own body, you're right ;-)

Don't Bug Me! said...

Jay: Wise words - if only we could all be happy with just the small things in life.....

Cortes: I really hope your pee goes where it is aimed when you are using my bathroom - assuming you are aiming it where it is supposed to go!

Carolina: Not sure about the drooling bit - one of my cats likes to suck on my hair and she drools a bit then - not such a sigh of contentment moment, at least not for me, although she seems pretty content! And you are so right about the purring, a fact which elevates cats above dogs in this case - it really does seem to resonate with your soul.

Kate said...

Talking of cats and contentment, etc., maybe you've seen it, but I just have to add a link that might make you smile.