Sunday, 13 September 2009

The Fourth of the Fourth

So, it is Sunday morning and I am up early. Why? Because of a ball of grey fluff, aka Willow, who decided that she didn't care that it was Sunday, she wanted out NOW. She did all the usual sitting on top of me, breathing right in my face, close enough so that her whiskers tickled my nose, purring in my ear, pawing at my armpit, walking up and down me while meowing. She even dragged all of her toys out of the closet, along with a t-shirt and a bra and a lot of yowling. OK, OK, I give up ............... out you go!

Is it just me, or does she look evil?

You may have noticed that I haven't been very active in the blog world of late - well, I have been on holiday and this means that I have done nothing. But all good holidays come to an end and so I am back. I still haven't finished my little jaunt around South America - I will get to that soon, but I was sent a little challenge by iRamble, so I thought that I would start back with that.

Here is the challenge, it is up to you whether you want to accept it:

Go to your picture folder, find the fourth photo, post it and explain it. Now, I have lots of photos, all organised into folders within folders, so I went to my fourth folder and picked the fourth photo in that. And here is what I found..........

Isn't it odd, all that travel that I do, all those thousands of shots of exotic flora and fauna from far flung places around the globe, and I end up with a picture of a bluebell. Taken in a pot just outside my front door.

So, what does this photo mean to me? It means home, it means memories; it means far more than many of the shots that I have taken while travelling the world. It takes me home, back home to England. It evokes memories of my childhood, of walks in the woods with my family, with my dog. Every May, even after twenty years of living away from home, I always think of the bluebells. Of that sea of blue, rolling and shimmering beneath a sky of vibrant green as the beech unfurl their fresh new leaves for another year of life.

It is amazing that a photo taken so close to home can take you so far in time and space.