Sunday, 27 February 2011

Macro Monday - Macro Mystery #9

I know, Macro Mysteries just annoy people, but I am going there again anyway. See, I got my macro lens out today, then I got my macro slider out, and my flash and my (actually Cortes' - thanks Cortes!) inverted 50mm lens and then I spent quite some time taking photos, thinking all the time that I really should set things up properly and perhaps find somewhere to set the camera where it wouldn't wobble all the time - that kind of really messes with a set of stacked photos.

Anyhoo, since I put all that effort into taking the photos, I figure you can put a little bit of effort into identifying them. They are all from the same source, just different parts.

Note the pollen dusting this structure.

This structure, from the same plant, produces the pollen.

Other hints - this plant was picked from my garden a couple of days ago and is very common in North America and Europe. Remember - this is Macro Monday and these are very macro!

Answers in the comments section please. And no, there are no prizes - sorry.

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Monday, 21 February 2011

A Log at Sunset

I have lots of photos.....I know, we all do. I was thinking of starting up a separate photography blog, but hell, I can't even keep up with this one, so I thought that I would just start posting a few photos here from time to time - just as I did last week with The Ghost Ship.

So, for no other reason than I like it - A Log, at Sunset.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Macro Monday : Night-time in the Jungle

I am not known for getting things done quickly. I will nearly always get things done on time, but rarely quickly. So, if I have a deadline, I will get whatever needs doing done. But if it is just up to me to get things done whenever, well, whenever can be a very long time. Take these photos, for example. They are from my "recent" trip to Ecuador - back in August! Oh well, better late than never.......

 Before you look at the photos, make sure you get into the right frame of mind. Think hot and humid, think  squeaks and squeals, screams and sighs, think clicks and clacks and whoops and wails. Think of a million different noises, none of which you can identify, and all of which probably belong to some creature that is out to get you. To eat you, to sting you, to bite you or to just scare the the pants of you.......


Who can resist the adorable cuteness of this tree frog? No  really, frog or not, this guy is CUTE! Not out to get you at all and completely harmless.

A very leafy katydid, doing a very good impersonation of a leaf, including a bite out of its backside.

A stick insect - one might not want to assume that all stick insects are harmless herbivores. Some, and I suspect that this is one of them, given its red legs and antennae, squirt nasty chemical cocktails out of glands at the back of their heads or sides of their abdomen. You have been warned!

I know, you have seen this one before, but I can't talk about the jungle at night without including this nightmare-inducing beauty, can I? Actually, the more I look at it, the less horrific it looks. In fact, I swear the creature is doing its best Bugs Bunny impersonation! Not so scary, afterall.

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Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Ghost Ship

Where did it go?

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Macro Monday : Galapagos Lizard

I seem to have found a little downtime this week, between marking, writing lectures and hanging doors.

So, here is a cute little guy from the Galapagos - not one of the more famous marine or land iguanas, but just one of the many little lizards that dance around your feet as you rock hop your way amongst the pitted and gnarled volcanic rocks. They nod a greeting as you leap gracefully by and smile a little as you topple off your intended rocky target, about as graceful as a hippo in a tutu. Oh well, you get a better look at their multitude of colours at ground level.

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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Macro Monday Mystery #8

So, did anyone miss me? Has anyone noticed my absence in the blogosphere over the past few weeks? Probably not....... And I wouldn't get too used to me being back since I might not be around all that much for a while. Things happen you know. Sometimes a blog just seems more like a chore than it should and it just gets lost in all the crap that is life. But, I am here, at least for one week, and so......

Macro Mystery #8 - and, for once, it is not anything cute, furry, living or breathing. Nope, it is just something that I see everyday and everyday I think hmmmm, that would make a nice photo. Today, I finally dusted my camera off and took a shot. I am hoping that this might get me back into my photographic groove and I might start snapping away again. But for now, these two photos will have to do.

What do you think it is?

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And the answer is.........