Friday 23 May 2008

Not all pets are furry........

So this post is for Coastal Aussie, who appears to be something of a frog woman. I made a comment on her blog about having toads as pets and so she asked if I had any photos of them. Well, I didn't, but it made me think that I should. So off I trot with my trusty Nikon and here, ladies and gentlemen, are the results. Now, you are all going to have to admit that they really are very cute, warts and all.

Just in case you are wondering, they are oriental fire-bellied toads (Bombina orientalis) and they do make great pets. They are very easy to keep and require very little attention. All they really need is a smattering of crickets every few days and that is about it. I will clean out their aquarium about once a year - this generally happens when the pump starts to cough and splutter and then finally refuses to do anything but make sucky, grating and very irritating noises. I would have to say that the only real downside to them is that they do require live food - they will not eat anything that is not moving. A cricket can be sitting right on top of their heads and the toads will just sit there. As long as the cricket stays still, it is quite safe. So, I guess I have to admit that they are not the brightest of animals, but then neither are my cats! They also have limitations in terms of sitting on laps and being all warm and furry and they don't do well in the park or on long walks in the country - but then neither do my cats! They can do the warm and furry bit, but that is about it. In fact, I am beginning to realise that my pets really aren't much good at anything at all, except, of course, being very, very cute!


Anonymous said...

Far Out ! They're amazing, totally amazing. They're like butterfly toads, with butterfly colouring. And the little fella in the middle photo looks so cute, resting head on the leaf, and looking up so sweetly. Thanks for showing us, they're nothing like I could have expected.

Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures! I love frogs and toads too! And insects. I took some pics of a spider today, but nothing like the ones Aussie gets! This one was less than an inch long!

Your toads are sweet, but I wouldn't like to feed them live crickets. I'd feel sorry for the crickets.

Anonymous said...

It's more amusing when Tess sits and watches them for hous, I believe she even got inside to lick them once ?????

Don't Bug Me! said...

CA: Most people think I am crazing for having toads as pets - except my sister-in-law, the lovely M. The first time I met her, she went straight to the tank and thought they were gorgeous - I knew right then that I would like her!

Jay: I do agree about feeling sorry for the crickets. At the moment I am teaching an insect course and my students have to make an insect collection. I feel a bit bad about that too - I don't have a collection myself, since I found I couldn't kill the insects!

Moon: Tess is excellent at tracking down and finding escapees and the best part is that she doesn't eat them when she finds them - she licks them and leaves them - too bitter for her tastes. I don't think they have any psychological effects on her, but then it is hard to tell, given that she is crazy to begin with.

Carolina said...

Great photoshopping job. If I didn't know I wouldn't have ;-)
Glad I found you. Enjoyed scrolling down your blog, gasping at the wonderful pictures, chuckling at the short bits I read here and there.
I will join your list of 'followers' and return to read more.

Now I'm hoping that you have an email-alert that lets you know that I've commented on this post.

Carolina ;-)

Don't Bug Me! said...

Carolina: I do get email notification, so I did find your comment here. Glad to hear that you will be following my blog - as you pointed out on yours, what is the use of writing a blog if no one reads it!

Anya said...

I love frogs
they are sooooooooo funny :)
purss to Willow and Tess
Kareltje =^.^=

Don't Bug Me! said...

Anya: They really are cute, aren't they!?!