Tuesday 22 July 2008

So, where is my free lunch?

Apparently, if you are cute, life gives you free stuff. For example, this little fella got several hazelnuts for his lunch, just because he was so cute. Look at that face - how could you not give him something?

My looks never got me anything for free. I did go through a very cute stage between the ages of 3 and 4, but all my lunches were free then anyway.


Anonymous said...

Oh, he is cute!

My dogs are cute, too, and they get free lunches all the time. What am I doing wrong?

I guess I'm not cute enough, either, but I'm not sure I ever was cute.

Looking at old family photos, I seem to have been one of those scowly kids... although I did have rotten eyesight, which wasn't discovered till I was nine!


Dawn said...

I have cute chipmonks too DBM. and they can have all the peanuts/sunflower seeds want around here.
Being cute wont keep them from the clutches of the neighbor cat though. :(

Anonymous said...

awwww, you gotta love him !!

We had our first Skunk encounter today !, 6am in the garden, he was beautiful .. left him well alone though !

Don't Bug Me! said...

Jay: Yes, my cats are cute too and they get whatever they want - my toast, my cereal, my bread, catnip etc. The one thing that is rationed is the tuna - they would have that for every meal if they could, but even they are not cute enough for that!

Dawn: Hmmmm, I suspect my cats wouldn't let them go just because they were cute. The mice certainly aren't!

Moon: Didn't you get a photo? If you get real close and shout right before you press the shutter, you should be able to get a really good photo.

Anonymous said...

Do I look stupid ?!?!?

Yes, I did get a photo ... will be a new post soon !

Don't Bug Me! said...

Moon: Do you really need me to answer that question?

Anonymous said...

ooooo, I feel a good sibling scrap coming on.

Don't Bug Me! said...

Yukon: Sorry to disappoint, but I am in California as I type, visiting brother Moon and so all arguments are being held face to face rather than online!