Monday, 14 July 2008

Three Things My Husband Knows About Me.

The other day I received the rather dubious honour of being tagged. My initial reaction was that of excitement - well, I had never been tagged before. But then, the reality of the situation dawned upon me. Oooer, now I have to do something. This tagging came from The Depp Effect - thank you very much - and it involves divulging three things that my husband knows about me. This may not seem like a terribly difficult challenge, but then most of you out there in blogdom do not know my other half. Mr. DBM is a very private and generally sensible man who does not believe in the frivolous use of the internet for time wasting activities such as blogs. I try to explain that it is not a waste of time. It is a way that I can wax lyrical about the frustrations of life, it has enabled me to reacquaint myself with family members and to get to know new people that have similar or very different viewpoints to mine. I was very dubious about the whole blogging phenomenon until I gave it a go and now I am hooked. Mr. DBM, on the other hand, is still not the slightest bit interested and claims that he does not even know the name of my blog, and he would certainly never read it. He also tells me that I had better not ever write anything about him on it. Well, let’s just hope he is telling the truth about never reading it, shall we.

So, back to the tagging task. It has been like pulling hippopotamus’ teeth, but I have finally managed to drag three nuggets of scintillating interest from Mr. DBM. Here they are:

  1. I sleep with a cuddly dog called Murphy. I know, I know, I could possibly be a tad too old to be sleeping with a cuddly animal but, in my defence, it is a medical necessity. I always used to sleep lying on my front. However, due to the ever increasing size of the Not-a Baby-Bump, this is no longer possible. Murphy is just the right size to use as a wedge to stop me from rolling over onto my stomach when I am asleep. Besides, my sister R gave him to me when I first left England to move to Canada and I am now very attached to him, especially since the original Murphy - a real life, big, hairy, lovable animal with the most appalling teeth and breath ever known to canine kind - has since left us.
  2. I have a mole on my foot. Now, a couple of other people have admitted to having rather hairy, hobbit-like feet, but me, I have a mole. I have had it all my life and so I don’t really notice it anymore, and it really is not very big. I would call it a distinguishing characteristic. So if I ever disappear under mysterious circumstances, and the police want to know if I have any distinguishing characteristics, you will have one to tell them. Also, if my right foot ever appears on a beach in the Georgia Straight in a running shoe, you will all be able to ID it.
  3. I have obsessive / compulsive tendencies. You will notice, I say tendencies. Luckily for Mr. DBM, I am far too lazy to have full blown OCD. Having OCD really does require a lot of energy, so I only have OCD when it doesn’t require too much effort. For example, Moon will complain about me having a go at him for putting things in the wrong place in the kitchen. It is true, I did, but that was mainly because he was doing it on purpose, just to wind me up. It is also true that I am very particular about the arrangement of my kitchen cupboards. You just don’t mix the beer glasses with the coke glasses or the rum glasses with the wine glasses . Isn’t that obvious? When you load the dishwasher, you make sure all the plates of the same size are nicely lined up and clearly you never mix the cutlery up in the little baskets. This is just common sense, people. It makes it easier to unload the dishwasher. In the food cupboards, there is a place for everything and again, you can’t just shove things in where they fit. I have a shelf for beans, a shelf for canned tomato products, a shelf for canned fruits etc. That way, you can always find stuff and if someone just happens to be visiting and they peek into your cupboards, everything will be spick and span. It is the same with my books - all nicely sorted into subject groups and then arranged alphabetically. Doesn’t everyone do this? If you don’t, how do you find the book that you are looking for? How can you stand looking at all those books randomly piled onto your bookshelves? You see, things not in their place drive me nuts. The garden is really Mr. DBMs domain and I have tried very hard to let him do what he wants, but it is soooo difficult. He keeps planting things wherever there is space - but I want rows, nice, orderly rows, all things of the same type neatly grouped together. You can’t just go planting your lettuces in between my lupines and dog daisies. Humppf. But, you see, this is where my OCD tendencies start to wane. The garden requires effort. Mr. DBM puts in 90% of the effort, so he gets his way. I am just too lazy to do it myself. That is why my house is never 100% clean and tidy. I would like it to be, but I am too lazy to do it. I would like all the sheets and pillow cases on my bed to be completely smooth and cat-hair free, but that would require getting the iron out and then the fur-remover tool, and that requires effort. So, it doesn’t happen. Basically, my OCD is inversely proportional to the amount of effort it takes.

So, there you have it. Three things my husband, and now all of you, know about me. Now, I believe that I am supposed to pass this task on. My blogging world is rather small, so that means my victim list is very short.


English Mum

Yukon Chatter Bug

Moon and EM are the obvious choices. I shall also give Yukon Chatter Bug a go because she is a bug and because she is not scared to talk about boobs in her blog. You have to ask your significant other to tell you three things that they know about you and then publish this information on your blog. You also have to pick more victims and then go to their blogs and leave them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged. The comment must end with the word ‘pthththth’. I don’t know why, I am just repeating what I was told.

PS I have just spent the last 60 minutes spell checking and proofreading this post to try and make sure there are no mistakes in it and it all looks just right. Thank God there are no photos - that adds at least another hour!


Anonymous said...

Shit, so now I have to do a blog about 3 things Mrs M knows about me ????

I remember the mole on your foot, it never stopped bleeding once !!!!

I didn't move the glasses on puirpose, why would I do such a thing ??????

Don't Bug Me! said...

Moon: Yes, you do and I am looking forward to what the lovely M has to say about you.
As for why you would move my glasses on purpose - well, just because winding people up is one of your favourite things to do, I suppose. And don't play the innocent with me, it won't work.

Anonymous said...

Now, now, children - play nice! LOL!

Yay - you did it! Well done, DBM! If I ever find a disembodied foot in a running shoe, I will certainly check it for moles, and then send a pic to Moon so he can confirm the ID, but I have to say, I sincerely hope that never happens. ;)

I don't sleep with cuddly toys, not these days. I sleep with Fred Abberline, my favourite Johnny Depp character. See, I also need propping, and someone sent me this pillow case ... that's my excuse, anyway!

I half expected my dearly beloved husband to choose that as one of the three things, but then he'd have to admit who he sleeps with. ;)

Anonymous said...

Okay DBM, I'd rather cut my foot off and throw it into the Straight than get tagged. However, the latter is less painful. I will get to it, I promise, but I may take a while.

Awe, now I have all this work to do. :(

Don't Bug Me! said...

YCBug: OOh, don't do that, they have enough feet to deal with already. I really won't be offended if you just ignore the tag altogether.

Anonymous said...

Done like dinner!

English Mum said...

Oops, sorry I'm late - I didn't get the link for some reason. You've just reminded me that Grandad tagged me, so I'd better be polite and do him first, but when Hubby gets back I'll ask him.. Promise x

Anonymous said...

You have been nominated for the Arte y Pico award - go pick it up at my blog! :)